It’s finally here!  After 10 years of seeking truth, attending conferences (in person, or via live streaming or DVDs), YeahButUm and Gritsy, have launched their first pilot episode.  We’re so excited to share what’s in store for our listeners, and explain where we’re coming from, our influences, our viewpoints, and what we hope to cover in future episodes.

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Now, for the extensive show notes for our first real episode:

  1. Future Congress DVDs – Could only find these on eBay!
  2. The Star of Bethlehem DVD
  3. P.I.D. Radio
  4. View From The Bunker Podcast
  5. Hagmann & Hagmann
  6. Steve Quayle
  7. Stan Deyo & Holly Deyo
  8. Stan Deyo’s Energy Research Fund – Go Fund Me page
  9. Dare to Prepare by Holly Deyo
  10. Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference, 2016 (the year we attended seems to be gone into the deep caches of the internet)
  11. Russ Dizdar
  12. Brad Cousino
  13. Eastern Hills Baptist spiritual warfare conference in 2013 put on by Alan Singler of…
  14. Watchman on the Wall
  15. Derek P. Gilbert
  16. Sharon K. Gilbert
  17. L.A. Marzulli
  18. The Cosmic Chess Match
  19. The Book of Enoch
  20. The Book of Jasher
  21. The Book of Jubilees
  22. What Was I Thinking by Casper McCloud
  23. The Upper Room Fellowship – Casper McCloud
  24. Tears – An Ocean of Emotion – The Secret Nature of Tears Revealed by Steve Quayle
  25. Zener Cards used for ESP YeahButUm refers to around 46:40 -don’t buy these – just for reference!
  26. More about Zener Cards from Wikipedia and proof that these were used in kits for Elementary school
  27. Ken Johnson
  28. Gad the Seer
  29. Tom Horn & SkyWatchTV
  30. Justen Faull
  31. Hollow Earth Chronicles
  32. Canary Cry Radio
  33. Gonz Shimura – Face Like the Sun YouTube Channe;
  34. Basil Rosewater , The Joyspiracy Theory
  35. Dr. Michael Heiser
  36. The Unseen Realm
  37. The Portent
  38. The Facade
  39. Peeranormal Podcast
  40. David Flynn’s Temple at the Center of Time
  41. Mark Flynn’s Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth
  42. Rob Skiba
  43. Illuminati Card Game
  45. Dr. Michael Lake
  46. The Shinar Directive
  47. The Sheeriyth Imperative
  48. Doug Hamp
  49. InHuman Documentary
  50. Chuck Missler
  51. Cris Putnam’s, The Supernatural Worldview
  52. Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?
  53. A.I. Artificial Intelligence Movie
  54. Kecksburg, PA UFO Incident
  55. Company in Wisconsin begins inserting chips into employees
  56. Facebook A.I. creates its own language that humans can’t understand

If we missed anything, which we probably did, please let us know by commenting below!

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