Taylor has gone to the dark side with her new song and video “Look What You Made Me Do.” Watch the full video along with my comments on her obvious move towards masonic sympathizing, illuminati, satanic ritual abuse, split personalities, biblical prophecy, and more.  This lyric video heavily based on the Saul Bass imagery used in the film Vertigo is nothing short of disturbing. And no wonder. The wikipedia page for Swift’s new song states that it was produced in A minor. Joseph Kahn was the producer (just take a look at who else he’s worked with).  According to Bob Dylan, in the book Come Ye Masters of War: The Bob Dylan Conspiracy By Robert O’Brian:

He’s saying that A Minor heralds the supernatural and evokes the world of ghosts, wraiths, and spirits of the dead!  If you’ve heard about the Nazi’s changing the frequencies of music to cause chaos, you probably have heard about this.  If not, do some research and you’ll be shocked.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that Taylor’s in to something evil, she looks exactly like the infamous satanist Anton LaVey’s daughter. Zeena LaVey. See?