We’ve nailed down a schedule and topics for the rest of 2017!

We’ll be releasing new episodes every other Monday.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

8/21: Meteors, Moonlight, and the upcoming 2017 Solar Eclipse

9/4: Coverage of the 2017 Solar Eclipse and More Questions and Theories

9/11: Tune in to AnchorFM for a special brief celebration edition

9/18: Sunlight – Good, Bad, What’s the Deal?

10/2: Satanic Ritual Abuse – The epidemic and effects

10/30: The Origins of Halloween – Is it really that bad?

11/13: The Mind-Body Connection – What’s biblical and what’s not. ┬áIs a thankful heart reflected in the state of your health?

11/27: Holidays – The origins of major holidays (specifically Christmas) and should Christians celebrate or doesn’t it matter either way?

12/4: The Star of Bethlehem – A review and added insights about the sign pointing to our savior.

12/18: Angels – What they are, what they’re not, rankings, types, duties, etc.